What an  indescribable gift that is simply breathtaking!  You  give  so freely Lord ….understandings of the New and exciting insights into the ‘Old …fascinating and thrilling  boundless portals …access that is uniquely designed…originated in the uniquely divine ….now identifies our new birth and coming forth … You chose us before the pillars of the earth were founded into a new young heavens and earth. The Spirit of Your  Being moved through and  owned the Night…the Spirit danced in delight over darkness to the heavens’ apallause …The Melodies of the Ancient of Days…. Who would give us His ancient ways….The King of Eternity  who would rule our minds and hearts….His woven design of our own  Amazing Divine Webs to see His great hand ….Our intricately made webs to behold His greatness!

These intricate webs of our minds  are so  fragile and yet so …Him. So delicate and yet so strong.  What we behold  are fragmented Glimpses into His paintbrush.  His unfailing love as a fail safe in this design…  His love so Overwhelming and yet Overcoming.

We draw the Sweetest  Calming Comfort through the Eyes of Faith and Truth ….as He weaves them into Our foresight and Our minds…

Thank you Father and Our Savior Jesus Christ for eyes that can truly see…thank you for the Spirit that gives us the Grand Vision of our Day!

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