You saw me with broken bones and a crushed spirit as I made my to the ‘Bethesda 
You saw my wounds afflicted and diseased as I made my way to the ‘Bethesda 
You saw me through the blood of your Son when I made my way to the ‘Bethesda 
You invited me into your Shalom to recieve healing in your Arms
So I laid down my cot and my hurt and disappointments
I heard the wailing of the Spirit within matching my groaning and moaning
I cried at your feet at the injustices and you bottled them up into your skin bottle
I was alone . I had no one to lower me into the healing stirring waters
Then like wind you came and spoke swirling Spirit  into my own breath
You told me to get up !
I had to forgive the hurt and allow the Spirit to testify to the Father 
You told me to walk!
I was glad to pick up my cot
And recieve healing by my Faith  that my prayers hath ascended
Now my heart is revived and It pants for you O God!
The streams of flowing Spirit that wipes away my tears
You know  intimately where the breaks are and the hurt lies
You examine each heartache  and
keep me well hidden in the apple of your eye
You never leave the innocent broken 
Day by day we are swimming in your healing waters
of Love and Mercy. 
(Psalms 37:18, Psalms 42 , John 5:1-9)

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