Ruth Chapter 1 – A Loyal Friend

Welcome to my thoughts on of one of my favorite books of the Bible !

Ruth Chapter 1

The lovely book of Ruth is also holy scripture. It is inspired of God and the events themselves are Divinely ordered. I’ve read this account many times but I was surprised to learn that Ruth was a Moabite (decendents of Lot ). I did a little digging  around and at Deut. 23:3 the Moabites were forbidden to enter the assembly of God up to the 10 generation. This book reminds me of a  “type” of a conversion story. 

This chapter made me think about real friendship, loyalty and unconditional love. The most common contrasted in this story  is Ruth Vs. Orpah , Naomi’s other daughter-in-law. Orpah  no doubt wanted to start a family.  The  livelihood of these women depended on bearing children in those days.So  there was nothing wrong to desire marriage as Orpah did. Orpah made the “right” decision to leave and to  pursue prospects of marriage and bearing children However, Ruth decision was “righteous” in that she  seemed to be drawn to the God in Naomi so much so that she pledged loyalty to her and to God. 

Ruth also  displayed loyalty and courage in the midst of her  difficulties. After fleeing the famine in Bethlehem of Judah, Ruth lost her prospect of having children, loss of income, with the death of her spouse . Many of us are going through at least one of those things in this life of service to God. So  Ruth’s testimony rings loudly even in our day. Her faithfulness  was recorded in scripture  as an example for women everywhere.  Ruth’s faithfulness was rewarded greatly. She not only bore children, but our Lord Jesus Christ was birthed through her lineage. What a grand privilege!

Women of God , we should ask ourselves,  Am I willing to give up comforts for the sake of Christ? When the storms of life come , am I  easily rattled or shaken in our faith in God’s promises? Do I ask God to empower me with the Holy Spirit to  help me  make not just right  decisions but righteous decisions?  

Tell somebody about the faithfulness of Ruth today! It is our commission by God to preach the gospel and proclaim liberty.

 Prayer: We ask you God for your Spirit so  that people feel like that they’ve encountered the living God because you truly live within us. 

Written by ShayV


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