He Couldn’t Stay…

Jesus told us that He could not stay…

Although we cannot see  it is best this way

He says: otherwise, how will you ever know the depths of my love?

and how will you ever inherit the heavenly realms above?

The Father is sending His Ghost of fire

He will turn back hearts and lead us out of the mire

I came to make you daughters and sons

Yes , you  are royalty because of your loyalty to the Kingdom

I came to rock the nations, to change your nature, to shape you into a new creation

So let all the earth sing a new song for Christ our King is on the throne

and to Him we will forever will belong

Who can stop the Almighty’s hand in this final hour?

He said he could not stay but he left us His power!

Tho’ they slay us and deliver us up

He left the fire and His Name: Sweet Jesus!

( John 16:13; Psalms 96:1; 2 Corinthians 6:18)



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