Pray or Become Prey

Healing for the Soul Ministry

It’s honestly just that simple.

As  men of God , we fail to be faithful in prayer, we will eventually become prey. The storms of life often arise without much warning. The damage they inflict on our lives or the lives of our families can prove to be catastrophic. There’s no wonder why we are strongly admonished  at Colossians 4:2 to devote ourselves to prayer. For it is by prayer we are given divine wisdom, encouragement, revelation and edification. It is also through prayer that we can strengthen our personal relationship with the grand creator of the universe.

An active and effectual prayer life, is not one that comes about over night. Rather an effectual prayer life is one that is driven by faith, and not by sight. Having this type of prayer life provides us with a spiritual safe haven, even while under spiritual attack by the enemy. But…

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