The Lord is Always Near!- Exodus 33:14

Exodus 33:14 ESV ” The Lord replied, ” My presence will go with you and I will give you rest”.

Moses felt unprepared for the divine task ahead of him and inquires about a partner to complete it.  Notice the Lord’s reply above in Exodus 33:14.  The Lord promises to personally go with him and give his weary soul  much needed rest! What better partnership could there be than to partner with the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Moses goes on to ask God to teach him His ways so that he may know God and lead His people . Scripture tells us in verse 13 the same chapter that God tells Moses that He knows him by name and that He has found favor with him.  Moses knew the God who answered by cloud by day and fire by night so he was asking for a more intimate relationship with God. We can imitate the greater Moses , Jesus of Nazareth, by partnering with our Lord while we on mission here on earth. Jesus also promises  refreshment to the weary and loaded down (see Matthew 11:28)  so we can be assured that if we are carrying divine tasks that God will not only  partner with us but he refresh our souls. We can become intimately acquainted with God by spending time reading and meditating on His word and Prayer .  The greatest way to get to know God is by spending time with his Son Jesus our Christ the revelation of the hidden glory of God. Knowing Jesus is getting to know the Father. (John 14:9)

God has not forgotten nor will he forget us. We should never fear that he will not be there to provide us what we need and supply us through the Holy Spirit who we need to be.

What a Faithful God we serve!

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for this day of abundant life! We pray for a refreshing of your Holy Spirit to refresh our weary spirits and souls.  Merciful God ,we laud your wondrous works this day and ask that we be made anew like the mercies that you shower upon us continually. Let us use all of our talents, riches and our whole being to your glory and for kingdom interests. Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done and carried out in us as holy honorable vessels set apart for your purpose. It is through the mighty name of Jesus we pray in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

Amen !


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