Be Washed Anew in the Spirit!

As  Sons and Daughters of the Most High  we have full confidence of God's Word being made flesh and written on our hearts . When we bathe ourselves  in the Word of God and apply liberally what we learn  we become fashioned into the   image of God and light bearers of His Divine Love. … Continue reading Be Washed Anew in the Spirit!

You Hear my Prayers

Merciful Father , when I think about the prayers of the holy ones piercing  through the  heavenly realms I feel guarded by you and showered by your goodness as you cover me in all of life's whims Almighty God by my prayers you protect  me and surround me with your  celestial armies in the heavens … Continue reading You Hear my Prayers

Inspiration of the Day!

My story is very similar  I was also excommunicated . Praise be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for our dear sister! Agape, ShayV Celebrated actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd found herself trapped in Jehovah’s Witnesses, but overcame her fears, fled the aberrant group, and discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. “Because I … Continue reading Inspiration of the Day!

Run to the Healing Hem of our Lord Jesus today!

  Some of us have had a real hard season… Nevertheless,  we are glad to share in the sufferings of our Lord and Christ Jesus.  Our Resister is hard at work trying to subvert the faith of God’s children. Our brother and Apostle Peter confirms this when he says: “Resist him, firm in your faith, […]

Speak Holy Spirit! 

How do we know when the Spirit is speaking or acting through us?

The Spirit of God speaks and acts through us and it often begins with an inner whisper. The Spirit helps us sort through these “whispers” (our own inner thoughts motivations and the intentions of the heart .) The Bible teaches that our figurative hearts cannot be trusted nor our carnality.(Jeremiah 17:9) But we can trust that when we invite the Spirit to live within us that God then works to align our character with His own character . (Galatians 5:22, 23) God also reveals His will to us through the Spirit by shaping our encounters in His presence…..